TIRE COMP ALPINE JB 700x30 Tan/Black 30TPI Foldable

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TIRE COMP ALPINE JB 700x30 Tan/Black 30TPI Foldable
Weight : 278 gr
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    Jobst Brandt was an important figure in Tom Ritchey's life. Along with Tom's father, who was also a cyclist, Jobst was an important mentor for Tom - faithfully sharing his vast engineering wisdom while also actively influencing Tom's riding. Bound only to the thrill of experience and exploration, for decades Jobst's and Tom's tires rode over more than a few different surfaces on any given ride. It's these adventures with Jobst that helped inspire the Alpine JB tire.  

    This unique bicycle tire is built to ride wherever your two-wheeled journeys may take you. It rolls beautifully on all-day rides along smooth country roads, yet it has enough tread to gracefully navigate roads with minimal municipal maintenance or long stretches of gritty gravel.  

    The Alpine JB enjoys a 120 TPI, is tubeless-ready and employs the unique VFA tread design - a pattern that's mostly recessed in the rubber of the tire, rather than relying on protruding knobs more commonly found on such tires. Thanks to the inverse tread, rolling resistance is smoother compared to traditional knobby tires, yet grip and confidence remain inherent features. An added benefit is that the Alpine JB is more durable because there are no knobs to wear down.  

    Technical Information  

    700x35 Black Wall
    700x30 Tan Wall
    VFA tread design
    Tubeless-ready (only WCS 700x35)
    Stronghold Casing for increased puncture resistance (only WCS)
    WCS 120 TPI Stronghold Casing
    Comp 30 TPI Wire or Foldable

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