Stan´s Rim Tape 9m x 21mm

Reference : STANAS0030
Adhesive tape for rim 9.14m x 21mm Learn more
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    Can be used with Stan's ZTR rims to make them air tight or used as a light weight rim tape in any rim  

    21mm width fits ZTR Crest, ZTR Olympic, ZTR 355, ZTR Alpine, ZTR Iron Cross, ZTR Alpha 340 (2 layers), ZTR Alpha 400 (2 layers) and most road clincher rims  

    (1) 10 yard roll will tape (5) 26" rims, (4) 29" rims or (2) road clincher rims  

    Please note that Stan's Yellow Rim Tape by itself is not a tubeless conversion
    Traditional (Non-BST) rims require the use of a Stan's NoTubes rim strip to achieve a secure tubeless setup
    Using only Yellow Rim Tape and Stan's NoTubes sealant on a conventional rim can result in difficult inflation, and catastrophic "burping" issues  
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