Frame + Fork GURU CR.901 V3

Reference : CR901V3-002
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    The second generation CR.901 satisfies the needs of elite triathletes through
    the use of our Sustainable Aero Theory (SAT). An aero position allows you to
    efficiently slice through the wind, and SAT enables you to achieve the most
    aggressive position you can sustain comfortably for a long period of time.
    Modified NACA profiles yield superior aerodynamics and stiffness numbers.
    The oversized bottom bracket is 15% stiffer than the original CR.901 due
    to an improved carbon lay-up and the use of high modulus fibers. The
    head tube region is more than 50% stiffer creating a more aggressive front
    triangle, enabling better steering. The second generation CR.901 features an
    adjustable seat post which yields a wide range of saddle adjustability (75.5-82
    degrees). Offering Infinite Saddle Adjustability (ISA) you will be in your
    ideal position, which translates into a more efficient power transfer.
    Among the long list of features, the second generation CR.901
    has interchangeable trap doors for easy internal routing and is
    both Di2 and mechanical compatible. Features also include a
    lower top tube for increased stand over clearance, an improved
    saddle clamp, and better clearance for wide profile rims.
    The second generation CR.901 is a pure triathlon machine
    featuring Fast Forward Aero (FFA) geometry; tuned
    from years of experience specializing in triathlon.
    We understand triathlon and have designed the ideal
    bike to help you achieve your personal best.


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