EP3 Long Sleeve Close-Mesh Base Layer

Reference : EP3WHITES2
Breathable base layer with long sleeve alternating close mesh and open mesh for a maximal comfort
Weight : 122 gr
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    EP3 Long Sleeve Close-Mesh Base Layer Size 1 (S/M) White EP3WHITES1
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    EP3 Long Sleeve Close-Mesh Base Layer Size 2 (L/XL) White EP3WHITES2
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    EP3 Long Sleeve Close-Mesh Base Layer Grey EP3GREY
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    Long sleeve base layer shaped to the body  

    Slight muscular compression
    Ergonomic cut
    Differentiated zone weave
    Thermostatic regulation of your core body temperature
    Maximum wearability   

    The specific smooth texture of our open mesh sections shape themselves around the body to create different zones of protection, insulation and breathability
    The different textures of the garments are specially designed to provide maximum evaporation in body zones that perspire most, while maintaining maximal comfort
    The ability to bring perspiration towards the outside of the garment, away from the skin, together with the unique texture of the garment creates an insulating and protective barrier which keeps the skin dry and protected: keeping you warmer in cold weather and cooler and fresher in the warmer weather  

    Composition: 90% Polypropylene / 10% Elastan  

    Comfortable and warm in winter (- 5°C à + 15°C)  

    Available in White, Grey, Black 

    White and Black colours available in size 1 (S/M) or size 2 (L/XL)
    Grey: One size
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