Rim Gravel ZTR GRAIL Black

Reference : STANRTGR90002
Lightweight alloy gravel rim
Weight : 476 gr
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    Rim Gravel ZTR GRAIL Black 28 Holes STANRTGR90002
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    Designed for gravel, cyclocross, and road disc
    BST-R rim design compatible with 25mm-40mm road tubeless tires, traditional road tires when used with tubes, and low-pressure cyclocross tires
    Aero rim design is faster without being overly susceptible to crosswinds
    WideRight rim design optimized for wider gravel and cyclocross tires  

    Your bike can do more. Whether youre riding and racing on gravel, pavement, or between the tape at a cyclocross race, Grail wheelsets with Stans patented BST-R tubeless technology offer less rolling resistance, more control, and the ability to seal most punctures almost instantly. Upgrade your bike to the leading tubeless rim design, and find out what youve been missing. The Grails versatile BST-R rim design makes it compatible with tubeless road tires, low-pressure tubeless converted tires, and conventional tires and tubes, offering you total flexibility in a single wheelset. The Grails wider shape improves both cornering and straight line tire stability. Find out just what your bike can do with a set of Grail rims  

    Material: Alloy 6061
    Size: 700c x 24.1mm
    Internal width: 20.3mm
    External width: 24.1mm
    Available in 24, 28 or 32 hole
    Brakes: Disc Brake Only
    ERD: 590
    ETRTO: 622 x 20.3
    ISO: 24.0mm
    Tape Width: 21-25mm
    Black anodised finish
    Max Spoke Tension: 125kgf (1225N)
    Max Pressure with 25mm Tire: 110psi
    Max Pressure with 32mm Tire: 70psi
    Max Pressure with 40mm Tire: 40psi  

    Verified weight  

    BST-R rims offer maximum versatility with the widest range of tires and pressures. Compatible with 25mm to 32mm tires at pressures up to 115psi both with and without tubes, BST-R rims are also compatible with wider, higher-volume tubeless tires at pressures below 45psi  
    BST-R Tubeless Technology for Higher Pressures
    Our BST-R rim shapes are designed for maximum versatility, and can be used with a wide range of tires. Higher volume tires 32mm to 50mm wide can be used at pressures up to 45psi (3.1 bar). The BST-R rim shape can also be used with 25mm to 32mm road tires specifically designated as "tubeless" at pressures up to 115psi (7.9 bar). BST-R rims can also be used with tubes, at pressures up to 115psi  
    Key Differences Between BST and BST-R
    Our BST system was developed specifically for tubeless use with pressures below 45psi. From our Iron Cross to our Hugo, we offer low pressure BST rims for tires in the 32mm to 122mm width range. The broader pressure range of our BST-R Series rims and wheelsets means they're optimized for tubeless use with tires in the 32mm to 50mm range at pressures of 45psi or lower, as well as 25mm to 32mm tires specifically designated as "tubeless" that feature reinforced beads designed for pressures up to 115psi. Both BST and BST-R rims and wheelsets may be used with tubes
    The patented design of our BST-R rims secures the tire's bead, creating an air tight seal that lets the tire expand to its full volume. The result is more traction and less rolling resistance for increased speed  
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