Handlebar MTN Web Bar Carbon 329 Zylon-CarbonLow Profile

Reference : HBL0004
Flip flop Carbon-Zylon bar +/- 10mm for 29" or 27.5"
Weight : 133 gr
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    Made in Italy under FRM licence
    100% Spread Tow carbon fibre with T800 high module reinforcements and Zylon
    Flat with ideal width and angle for X-Country 29" or 27,5" bikes
    Off-centre: the bar height from ground can be modified by 10mm simply flipping the bar
    Bead blasted anti-slip surfaces for stem, brake lever collars and grips: lower torque on fixing bolts means less stree on carbon fibers
    Width: 700mm
    Diameter 31,8 / 22,2mm
    Bend: 9° Backwards  

    Verified weight  

    Rider weight limit: 110kg  

    WARNING: this product is designed for XC style riding. It is not intended for use in Freeride, Downhill, Ramp Riding, Stunt, Dirty Jump or any similar activity  
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