Rim MTN 27.5" ZTR ARCH CB7 Carbon

Reference : STANRTAC70002
Carbon layup 27.5" rim for enduro racing and trail riding
Weight : 450 gr
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    Rim MTN 27.5" ZTR ARCH CB7 Black 28 hole STANRTAC70001 Disponible - Livré en 10 jours Add to bag
    Rim MTN 27.5" ZTR ARCH CB7 Black 32 hole STANRTAC70002 Disponible - Livré en 10 jours Add to bag
    Designed for trail riding and enduro racing
    RiACT carbon layup and rim shape absorbs impacts and rolls faster
    Patented Bead Socket Technology for easier tubeless inflation and more reliable seal
    Low-profile sidewalls promote proper tire shape and shed unneeded rim weight
    WideRight rim design optimized 2.25 - 2.50 tire
    Custom decal kits available to match most bikes
    2-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement with registration  

    Internal Width: 26.0mm
    External Width: 32mm
    Depth: 19.5mm
    Available in 32 or 28 hole
    Material: Carbon
    Brakes: Disc only
    Rim Weight: 450g
    ERD: 563mm
    ETRTO: 584x26.0
    Color: Black
    ISO: 27.5"x32mm
    Tape: 25-27mm
    Valve: 35mm Presta
    Spoke Tension: 105kgf (1030N)
    Max Rider Weight: 230lbs (104 kilo)
    Max Pressure with 2.2" Tire: 39psi
    Max Pressure with 2.5" Tire: 36psi  

    BST rims are designed to match the shape of your tire's bead to create a safer and more secure air tight interface.
    Bead Socket Technology rims are designed to match the shape of your tire's bead to create a safer and more secure air tight interface. Unlike the secure "socket" of a BST design, conventional rim shapes drive the bead of the tire down deeper into the rim, putting pressure on sidewalls that causes friction, restricts tire volume, and keeps the interface from forming a sufficient seal for tubeless use. BST rims secure the bead of the tire, not the sidewall, creating an air tight seal while allowing the tire's sidewall to expand to its true, rounder, more effective profile. The result is more traction and less rolling resistance. With lower-profile, less vulnerable sidewalls, our BST rims are also lighter and stronger by design, and accelerate more quickly.  

    We all know the most important piece to the bicycle-terrain interaction is the contact patch between the tire and terrain, so tire profile and tire pressure play huge roles in bicycle performance and overall handling. But many rims just don't work well with the tires we're all using. Rims that are too narrow fail to offer sufficient sidewall support and protection to your tires and create a less stable shape. The result is less control in the corners, less traction on climbs, and more rolling resistance. Rims that are too wide also distort the tire profile, decreasing traction and control and driving impacts directly into the rim, negating the impact absorbing advantages of a tire's volume. Our WideRight rim widths are designed to strike the perfect balance between tire volume and sidewall function.
    Though its roots can be traced back to the original Flow and Crest rim designs, we officially began the WideRight design philosophy with the introduction of our carbon rim shapes. With our new MK3 (always pronounced Mark 3) series, WideRight expands to our aluminum rims.
    WideRight rim profiles allow the tire to achieve its proper shape, and that's the foundation for a great handling, fast-rolling, and responsive bike.
    Our WideRight system makes it easy to find the perfect rim width for the tire size and volume you ride. Too narrow of an internal rim mixed with a high sidewall design gives you a "light bulb" tire profile while an ultra wide rim on a narrower tire will give you a flat to "bell shaped" tire profile. Neither of these scenarios give optimal tire profiles nor allows the tire to perform as intended.
    WideRight profiles provide the optimal volume without distorting the tread pattern or the side knobs so each part of the tire is in the correct position for rolling and cornering, allowing for maximum traction and control as well as offering minimal rolling resistance. The WideRight profile advantages don't stop there. Proper tire profiles not only allow for optimal tire performance but also allow the tire to do its secondary job of protecting the rim as well as the tire's sidewall. A flat or bell-shaped tire profile leaves the tire exposed to sidewall cuts and creates undue chances for rim damage.  

    Ride WideRigh recap:
    -Optimizes tire profiles
    - Maximizes traction
    - Properly distributes tire volume
    - Promotes the design intent of the tire profile and overall tire performance
    - Reduces tire pinch flats and sidewall damage
    - Allows tire to protect rim  

    Everyone knows carbon fiber can create a stiff wheel. We knew it could do much more.
    The carbon fiber rims on our wheelsets are 30% stiffer laterally than our legendary aluminum rims, but the real key to their outstanding performance is Radial Impact Absorbing Carbon Technology. Obsessive attention to the shape of the rim and a proprietary carbon fiber lay-up process have resulted in a rim that absorbs radial vibrations and impacts while maintaining lateral stiffness, keeping your wheels driving constantly forward with less energy loss than other carbon rims. RiACT lets us create a rim that's lighter than the competition while also being stronger. Our Valor Carbon rims can absorb radial impacts large enough to compress the wheel 7mm without damaging the rim or even losing air pressure in the tire. Our new Bravo Trail and All-mountain rim is able to deflect an incredible 10mm radially without damage or pinch flatting.
    Smooth is fast. If there's one thing the overwhelming success of our tubeless technology has demonstrated, that's it. The more forward momentum your wheel and tire can maintain without deflecting off the ground and sending your energy upward and backward, the faster you move. Our RiACT rims allow the wheel system to absorb more, offering levels of vibration damping and impact absorption never possible. The result is a rim that's both stronger and faster-rolling.   
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