ALTEREGOCOLOR2 Light Short Sleeve Base Layer Yellow Fluo

Breathable base layer short sleeve with light mesh and pectoral rubbing protection Learn more
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    An extremely short sleeve light base layer with colored mesh and pectoral zone protection from rubbing and sight
    People who practices intense physical activity need technical underwear closest to the skin, maximum breathability and the less possible friction in the most sensitive parts of the pectoral  

    Thanks to PP Polypropylene's low specific weight and its open mesh construction, these base layers are extremely light and comfortable, with an unmatched capacity to keep the body dry and at a regulated temperature  
    The microfibre's high surface tension ensures that water, damp and perspiration are carried outside where they quickly evaporate  
    The ability to bring perspiration towards the outside of the garment, away from the skin, together with the unique texture of the garment creates an insulating and protective barrier which keeps the skin dry and protected: keeping you warmer in cold weather and cooler and fresher in the warmer weather  

    Composition: 90% Polypropylene / 10% Elastane  

    Perfect in middle seasons and hot season as a second skin  

    Colour: Yellow Fluo  

    One Size   
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