Ritchey Break-Away: A bike of two halves

Pascal at Aways Riding about The Ritchey Break-Away:
"Ever since we started selling Ritchey, we have always wanted to get a closer look at these slightly left-of-centre travel machines - so we did just that, borrowing a tricked out Break-Away Carbon Road from Ritchey themselves.
The Break-Away system allows you split your frame in half and pack your entire bike into a suitcase to travel with it. The principle of it sounds a bit space-age and almost gimmicky, but Ritchey have really thought about the design and practicalities of what is needed to make it work. The key parts for this are the frame itself, the downtube coupler, seatpost clamp, cable breaks, the travel case and padding - all of which is included when you purchase a frame.
Simplistically, the frame comes away in two parts, which are held together by a double bolt seat post clamp and a downtube coupler. After the wheels, pedals, seat post and handlebars have been removed, everything fits into the padded case that measures 22 cm x 68 cm x 79 cm with space for your shoes and spares too. At that size, most airlines take the case on as standard hold luggage, minimizing the chance of pesky oversized baggage and sports equipment fees.
Riding your bike in different places is a really enjoyable part of the sport, but anyone who has done it knows that it often isn't as straight forward as you think. All of the Break-Away frames are meant to be your one road, cross or gravel bike - not just a bike for travel. The weight penalty is 100 grams, which is barely enough to sniff at."
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Phenomenal Ivana! 41 hours non stop at BikingMan in Corsica to reach victory!

"My name is Ivana Furlan and on Sunday 29th April 2018 I attended the BikingMan in Corsica which is an Ultracycling race. The race format was sprint and a total challenge for climbers. I reached victory in women's category after 41 hours and 24 minutes riding in complete independence. I reached 14th rank at overall placement over 100 participants.
Before departure I confess I was afraid as I did not had the possibility to train as much as I wanted in the previous months due to personal reasons. 700 km with 13000 mt, non stop and in complete independence can't be undertaken without any training. You must listen to your body and follow your own strength.
Once I started the race, I begun trusting myself and my strength and all my fears disappeared so little by little my dream was becoming true.
Despite the rain during the night, many times I was fallen asleep because of fatigue. I suffered most of all during the climbing when temperatures were hot but I tried to always smile during this experience finding the best side of each moment.
OUTWET underwear has played a fundamental role in this race even in the worst moments of intense rain and cold during the night and in hot climbing during the day."  

Ivana Furlan  

Gyro distribue la marque Légion

Legion is a taiwanese brand rotors and disc pads specialist.
The Legion rotors have been designed specifically to address some of the issues associated with light weight disks, namely "pulsating" and poor lateral stiffness, and by solving these issues make them ideal for both MTB and the emerging road disk brake market.
The Legion floating rotors are 100% guaranteed true floating rotors. With the LEGION's patented spring-pin design the pin is NOT RIVETED, thereby guaranteeing floating action. Additionally the none-rivet assembly induces no stresses between the components and guarantees flatness.
The Legion disc pads range is large and adapted to any type of brakes.

Ciao Franco Ricci Mingani

Ciao Franco Ricci Mingani... 

En 1991 a commencé un rêve appelé FRM...
Derrière ce projet auquel Franco a consacré 30 années de sa vie, il y avait une grande âme, une personne géniale, passionnée, discrète.
Dans son sillage, Franco a inspiré toute une génération.
La maladie l'a emporté.
Depuis 1993, notre aventure professionnelle a été liée à cet homme et aujourd'hui nous nous sentons orphelins.
Addio a Franco Ricci Mingani, in arte FRM


ProGold Lubricants Biking is an american brand founded in Atlanta (Georgia) specialized in the conception and production of lubricants (without solids!) for bike drive-train (chain, crankset, cogset, freewheel).
ProGold has been a friend of the cyclocross community for years, even helping out those with the muddiest of bikes.
For 2015, Cyclocross Magazine voters overwhelmingly choose ProGold as their favorite lubrication for their cyclocross bike.
ProGold has its standard Prolike chain lube, but for the rougher conditions, the company also offers their Xtreme chain lube.

Roc d´Azur 2016

Retrouvez les nouveautés 2017 de nos marques du 5 au 9 octobre 2016 à Fréjus (Var)
Salon Intérieur H12 


Outwet is a leading worlwide provider of technical sports base layers certified 100% Made in Italy.
They are produced with seamless construction and exclusive Outwet fabric.
The extensive use of Polypropylene Dryarn, the best fiber on the market, ensures Outwet garments provide maximum breathability and comfort.  

Outwet works continually to deliver its promise to supply creativity, research and science to design and produce the most functional and avant-garde base layers to the marketplace, realizing optimum
performance across all sports.  

All production is absolutely and completely italian ensuring a consistently high standard of quality, with meticulous attention to detail.

Bullmoose 2015

In 1979, Tom Ritchey designed a steel one-piece bar and stem that eliminated any chance of slipping in addition to offering added stiffness. The design would be known as the "Bullmoose" coinciding with Ritchey's first "Mountain Bike". As this revolutionary new bike category took off the Bullmoose was standard equipment on ritchey mountain bikes and practically every other company's MTB, making the bullmoose bar the first of Tom Ritchey's many mountain bike innovations to gain widespread acceptance.  

Now, over 35 years later, the bullmoose bar is reborn. With carbon fiber construction and a forged alloy clamp, the new Bullmoose is lightweight and very stiff thanks to the triangulated shape, which is ideally suited to support wider bars.  

Available options: 720x70mm, 730x80mm,740x90mm, 740x100mm, 740x110mm 

Swiss Cross Disc 2015

The SwissCross is back, and better than ever
We started with the same forged-and-machined integrated head tube design found on the P-29er-80 grams lighter than a standard 1 1/8" head tube and just as strong-a design which also provides much-needed shouldering room at the head tube.
Tubing is an all-new triple-butted, heat treated steel designed to Tom's specifications for a classically lightweight, compliant yet tough-as-nails frame. Geometry has been updated to reflect what cross riders want: race-ready handling and responsiveness that's still versatile enough to serve as a capable all-around rough road/trail bike

Eurobike 2014

We invite you to see our 2015 product line in Eurobike from 27 until 30 august 2014 (Friedrichshafen - Germany)
Ritchey : Hall A1 - Stand 106
FRM (stand Limar) : Hall B2 - Stand 100
Ciclosport : Hall B2 - Stand 200
Van Nicholas : Hall A6 - Stand 100  

Nino Schurter

Ritchey congratulates Nino to his fantastic win at the world championships!
Nino used Ritchey bar, stem, grips, seat post, saddle (Vector Evo System), paddles and head set.
From start to finish, Nino Schurter left no doubt who will be the 2013 world champion. With an incredible show in Pietermaritzburg -South Africa- Nino won his third elite world champion title after 2009 and 2012.  

Miguel Martinez is returning to the race scene with FRM

The Olympic Champion MIGUEL MARTINEZ is returning to the race scene and has chosen to ride with the Italian FRM FACTORY RACING TEAM.  

Miguel Martinez, undisputed dominator of the Mountain Bike circuit until a few years ago, has now decided to return to racing. 2013 will see him compete with the colours of FRM, Romagna based Italian producer of high-level components and bicycles.  

"Now that I am free from all contractual ties" - the athlete has said - "I want to race with a team capable of offering me the necessary serenity along with a bicycle that I have dreamt of for years".  

In FRM the enthusiasm is evident: "Being chosen by a Champion like Martinez makes us very proud and confirms that our hard work over the years to create light weight bicycles parts has been the right choice" the founder of FRM Franco Ricci Mingani and the managing director, also the Team President, Christian Trippa have declared.  

Mirko Pirazzoli, in his double role of Commercial Director of FRM and new Team mate to the French Champion says "Having Miguel with us is a great stimulus: competition is constantly increasing, Miguel has the motivation and the conditions to shoot back to the top, but for us it is sufficient that he has fun".  

The operation has been made possible mainly thanks to the support of PISSEI, a Tuscan company that creates personalised technical clothing for cycling. The patron Sandro Pisaneschi wants to project "the importance of work synergy between exclusively Italian companies that collaborate for a great testimonial".  

The official presentation of Miguel Martinez and his FRM-PISSEI equipment is planned for the 18Th of March in Imola, Italy.  

Miguel's palmarès boasts a Gold and a Bronze Olympic medal, three Gold and three Silver MTB World Championship medals, two MTB World Cup wins, a Gold and a Bronze medal at the Cyclocross World Championship and around 400 victories in his careeer.  

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